What is the difference between major and minor?

As we already know, the difference between major and minor is the third note of the Chord.

So we have, next to a root note and a fifth a major third, which makes a Major chord. If we have a minor third, the chord will be a minor.

On the guitar, a major chord can be easily transformed into a minor chord.

Example with chords with open strings:

The note in cyan is the third and is shifted by one fret.

Also Dominant 7 Chords have a third which can be shifted. This is how a B7 becomes a Bm7:

Same with Barre chord. To change the third, you can proceed as follows:

Usually when nothing is written, just for example ‘ D ‘ then that means’ D major ‘.. but stands’ Dm ‘ does it mean ‘ D minor ‘.

In easy words; minor is sad, major rather happy. Here is a small example for major and minor, play;

Doesn’t sound very logical and also not very nice: || D | C | Bb: ||

Now I just replace a single chord with a minor chord (D major exchanged with D minor): || Dm | C | Bb: || sounds a lot sadder.

The next possibility could be this example. Just add another bassnote on top of the chords: || Dm | C / F | Bb / D: ||

Or even always leave the same bass: || Dm / F | C / F | Bb / F: ||

You can find a PDF with the above examples here:

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