Lick: Bending Lick

Artist / Song: Eagles – Hotel CaliforniaTechnique: Bending, ghost notes, alternate picking, slidingDifficulty: 5Lick: # 2 The difficulty with bending is getting the note just right.The best way to do this, is to use the same string-gauge over and over again. If you use e.g. For a long time always a set of 9 and…

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Riff: Abyss Riff

Artist / Song: Atomic Symphony – AbyssTechnique: Alternate picking, sliding, octavesDifficulty: 5Riff: # 2 This riff is in a different tuning. Namely Drop D.Here the lowest string (E) is tuned down to a D. The difficulty with this riff is the octaves in my opinion.You should be able to hit it somehow, but everything else…

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Lick: Pentatonic Lick

Artist / Song: Roberto BarlocciTechnique: Alternate-, economy picking, sliding, legatoDifficulty: 7Lick: #1 We all know how important the pentatonic scale on the guitar is.So now and then I try to write down my licks which I play all the time and „present“ them here. It makes no sense to „steal“ a whole lick, as there…

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