Lick: Alternate Picking Lick

Artist / Song: Roberto BarlocciTechnique: Alternate PickingDifficulty: 8Lick: # 5 One „shredding“ lick. Here I actually only play that Major scale (Ionian) from top to bottom, with a few fun shifts in the patterns. Basically, I start with Dorian, then go to Ionian and finish the lick with Locrian but on the root of Ionian.…

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Riff: Prosthetic Riff

Artist / Song: Haken – ProstheticTechnique: Alternate PickingDifficulty: 8thRiff: # 5 Another riff played on a 7-string guitar. However, since most of my students play normal 6-string guitars, I just play it one string higher with them. So you can do that too. In addition to the extremely high tempo, there are also the annoying…

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Lick: Diminished Lick

Artist / Song: Roberto BarlocciTechnique: Sweep picking, tappingDifficulty: 7Lick: # 4 A very popular arpeggio is the diminished arpeggio . The only question is, how can you improvise with this „rare“ arpeggio or where can I use it? Of course, the „Diminished“ chord appears more often than you think. Especially in jazz. But diminished chords…

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